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Fangirl Summer Spotlight:Expand Your Graphic Novel Horizons






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As I mentioned in my Fangirl Summer goals, I really want to expand my reading horizons in both my books and graphic novel reading. Here are some of my favorite graphic novel and manga series that explore broader themes than traditional comics.

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This trilogy from First Second books is one of my favorite series to revisit. It is the story of a young woman on the cusp of womanhood. Through out the volume we see the main character Ewha experience first love, heartbreak, and finally as a bride. Gorgeously written and illustrated. 


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Joshua Fialkov is one of my favorite writers. In these two graphic novels he partner with some tremendous artists to tell a brilliant noir like tale (Tumor) and a chilling horror tale (Echoes).


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Disney has really branched out into the comic book and graphic novel world. Space Mountain is a new graphic novel based on the classic Disney ride. There is also a comic book series called Keepers of the Kingdom that recently completed its 4 issue run.


Kickstarter is a great resource for independent comic books. Its really cool to help a book come into being by becoming a backer, like I did for the graphic novel below:




I won a copy of the 2011 volume of this series in a recent contest, and brought the 2012 volume at my comic book shop. These volumes showcase creators from all genres and backgrounds. It’s a great way to be exposed to a variety of creators.


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This oversized manga was a great read! If you are a fan of the show Vikings , you will love this look at the Viking  lifestyle from the perspective of a vengeful young slave.



I hope you check out some of these amazing reads!

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