Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review: Extinction Parade by Brooks and Caceres








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When I first read about this series I thought it would be a Vampire vs  Zombie smack down, but Brooks had an even greater idea. Imagine two vampire women who have lived so long the important issues of the world are like flies to them. when this pair first notice the Zombie plague they take the opportunity to feast on human blood without hiding.


Yet as time goes on the zombie plague intensifies to the point where there may be know more humans left to drain blood from. The first awakening to the reality of the worlds problems comes on the ”morning” when the women to awaken they notice their caretaker has fled. The go out into the world for the first time without support or true knowledge about how bad things are in the world.

A great premise and a wonderful start to the series. I love that Brooks is showing the story through the eyes of two women who are ethnically diverse. Raulo Caceres art is breathtaking! He finds the gorgeous in the grotesque, his undead are amazingly detailed and deadly.

I’m really looking forward to volume 2 of this book.




This is my 19th book for Coyer summer Vacation


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