Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SDCC 14: Review: Assault on Arkham







Batman/Superman ? Meh. What's more exciting to me as a DC comics fan is the continued excellence of their animated division.

Assault on Arkham also is a must for fans of Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad. The film opens with an online argument between The Riddler and Amanda Whaller( not the new 52 "Wall" but the classic large and in charge version).

Soon  shady operatives are crashing into the room trying to nab Edward until Batman intervenes.

Amanda is not amused by this development so she activates the Suicide  Squad to break into Arkham. As far as Harley, Deadshot, Boomerang, Killer Frost and King Shark know its a simple mission to retrieve an item, but with explosive devices in their heads the crew has little control over where they go and what they do.

This movie has some great surprises and  significant cursing and sexual situations/ innuendo.

So you might want to do a pre watch before showing it to the kiddies.

Another stellar voice cast via Andrea Romano. I will definitely be adding this film to my collection.

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