Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Austen In August Review: All Roads Lead To Austen by Amy Elizabeth Smith



I've had this book in my E-reader for over a year! It was refreshing to read a non-fiction book for once especially concerning a topic I adore: The Novels of Jane Austen. This book follows Amy on a yearlong journey to discover what other cultures would think of Austen’s beloved classics. Amy visits Guatemala , Mexico, Ecuador and beyond sharing her Austen love yet also working to learn what authors inspired the readers in the countries she is visiting.

This is a very enjoyable read. Amy does a great job sharing her mission and her personal experiences to readers. She is funny, self deprecating and passionate. I really enjoyed Amy’s ability to let the cultures she visited speak for themselves. She let the book discussions unfold naturally and always received  new perspectives into  Darcy’ and Lizzie’s story .
She also had some fascinating discussions with readers about Emma, which led to conversations about meddling, seeking love and women's roles in society.
A real treat for Austen fans.

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