Monday, August 18, 2014

Bout of Books Mini-Challenge Page

The challenge is to recreate a book cover. Here are my entries:
Entry 1
Entry 2
American Monsters
Like This, Try This Challenge
Challenges us to recommend a book based on another book. Here is my choice:
If you liked:
You should try:
What I love about both of these books is that they are written and drawn by women and feature female leads. This is a rarity in the graphic novel world and so I was drawn to both of these books because of the creator. Though the girls are different ages both of them are dealing with transition. One due to her change in appearance and the other due to a move to a different state.
Both of these creators also have other graphic novels available so be sure to check out all of their books!
Create A Sentence Challenge
Jessica challenges us to pick a stack of books and use the first two words of every book. I chose these:
10434097 68787
22011931 17984141
I added the word *seeing* and got this Sentence:

Lucky at seeing A, The new Young petals on my half

 Infinite Ink asks us to discuss a One True Paring from a book. I chose this one:

I loved this series! And though I understood Jacinda’s  choice at the end of the series,

I was not happy with it! See there was this other boy. A dragon boy that I shiped sooo hard but sadly it didn't happen.
I loved the journey of the character Cassian and for the first time I understood the desire to write fan fiction. I hope at some point Sophie gives us a short story from Cassian’s point of view. I NEED to know he found happiness.

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