Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fangirl Summer Spotlight: Bring The GOTG Home Thanks To Marvel & Little Brown





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So if your kids haven’t already started yelling “I Am Groot”  they will soon. Guardians has a wonderful array of characters and action that will appeal to many middle grade and teenage readers.


Marvel and Little Brown Books have a line of books that let you bring homel the Guardians movie adventures in several ways:




Battle Of KnoWhere

This book tells the story of one of the intense battle scenes in the movie.



Perfect for young Readers. This is a novelization of the entire movie.





The Reusable sticker book has tons of characters and vehicles that you can stick anywhere! The Friends and Foes book is great for younger readers and it explores the cast of characters beautifully.


Now here is a review of one of the books in the series: 





I’ll confess. I brought this book mostly because of the Rocket mask in the back. I couldn't  resist. This book focuses on Rocket and Groot’s experiences in the movie. With a combination of illustrations and prose readers relive the two characters initial meeting with Starlord and Gamora and their escape from prison. This book does a great job recreating the movie scenes and is a nice collectible for movie fans.



This is my 37th read for Coyer Summer Vacation


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