Friday, August 29, 2014

Review: Bone Seeker by Brynn Chapman








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I won a set of books from Month 9 Books from Dewey’s Readathon and this one of them. There is something so wonderful about reading  a book you know very little about. The cover manages to truly convey the gothic aspects of the the novel but there are still tons of great sunrises for readers.

This book is the first adventure of Arabella Holmes a gifted young scholar and bone seeker, who has discovered a bone that may be from a deceased Nephilim a race descended from Angels. Like her Father Sherlock ( nice twist that!), Arabella has a keen intellect, but lacks some of the social graces expected from a young female in 1910.

Through her Father’s influence Arabella gains a position at the Mutter Museum as does a man from her past Henry Watson, son of Holmes partner Dr. John Watson. 


John and Arabella’s adventures and feelings for each other are told through alternating chapters as the pair foil robbery's and kidnappings on their quest for the truth about the skeletons.


I really enjoyed this book. The alternating chapters were very well done. Chapman deftly switches between the characters perceptions and desires, giving the readers a glimpse of both characters hopes, fears and growing love for each other.

A very solid read, I would love to see these characters again.



This is my 60th book for Coyer Summer Vacation


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