Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: The Clockwork Sky Volume 2 by Madeleine Rosca









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This was such a great surprise in my mailbox from Tor Books. I’ve been a huge fan of Madeline’s since reading her Hollow Fields series. The Clockwork Sky is another series that showcases Madeline’s artistic and writing talents.


In this second and final volume of The Clockwork Sky, our Heroine Sally Pepper has figured out the secret to the disappearance of London’s unemployed, and lower classes.  The horrifying secret is closer to Sally’s home then she suspected and now her life and the existence of her Uncle Croach’s  invention Sky is at risk.

This is a fantastic steampunk adventure. It blends just the right amount of action and dramatic tension with a solid ending. Rosca captures the look and feel of traditional manga , without losing her own unique artistic style.

I would love to see Rosca tell more stories in this world.


This is my 44th book for Coyer Summer Vacation



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