Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review: The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling






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Another Switch Press press book! I really loved this one! Remy Brunel is a very talented woman under a very terrible threat. A talented trapeze artist for La Cirque De LA Lune and a thief for the Circuses owner Gustave.  Remy has very little choices in life and so she continues with the thefts in order to save money so she can escape with two of her best friends.

When Gustave sends Remy to case a future job she takes a risk instead and pickpockets the gem from a very handsome young police officer, Thaddeus Rec. Thaddeus gets blamed for the theft and escapes prison with the help of a talented professor. As Rec searches for  Remy, she searches for the true criminal as the gem she has pick pocketed is declared a fake.


So circumstances continue to bring Remy and Rec together as they discover a nefarious plot that will not only cost them the gem but the possible destruction of London itself. This was a fast read with some wonderful steampunk elements and a very sweet romance.

I also liked that all the story elements were tied up so neatly in the end.



This is my 58th book for Coyer Summer Vacation


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