Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Review:Over Easy by Mimi Pond






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I don’t read as many Non-Fiction books as I would like, so when I heard about this graphic novel memoir I was really intrigued. Over Easy is a look back into the life and times of the inhabitants of a Californian diner. Mimi was a young woman when she started working at the cafe featured in the story. She is a struggling artist who takes a job as a dishwasher before graduating to waitress.

Through Mimi’s eyes we see the lives and loves of all the diner workers. It's an eclectic group of failed artists and nine to fivers who strongly effect Mimi during her formative years.


I liked the art in this volume and there were some great humorous bits, but the story dragged a lot for me and I really didn't find  the ending very satisfying. Definitely a talented creator but this isn't my favorite work of hers.



This is my 63rd book for Coyer Summer Vacation


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