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Tandem Review: A Bride’s Story 4 & 5




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I was so excited to discover my library had gotten more installments of this gorgeous manga. The main focus of this tale is the marriage and lifestyle of Amir and Karluk. They are a young married couple living in central Asia during the 19th century. In volume 4 & 5 however the focus of the story shifts to twins Laila & Leily. It’s a major shift in focus for the story and in volume 4 and frankly I didn't like the twins in the beginning.

The both are loud and selfish. They terrorize their  town with their antics and their moods shift with the moment. The dominating thoughts for them in volume four are marriage. They are scoping out all the available men in the village and even laying a few traps for  a few bachelors( they all fail of course). Their actual husbands turn out to be two childhood friends who seem destined to handle these two young women.


In volume five we see the wedding of the foursome in all its glory, bitter sweetness and humor. Also we slip back to Amir and Karluk for a short story that I really enjoyed.

Kaoru Mori is a stellar artist who continues to capture the emotional and physical landscapes of those who lived during this time period. The story did seem to go off course for a bit in these two volumes though their were some enjoyable bits. I’m looking forward to book 6 getting the story back on track.

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