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Hallowreads: Horror Comics With A Woman’s Touch: Coffin Hill by Caitlin Kittredge & Inaki Miranda

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In the right creative hands Horror and comics are a beautiful partnership. Vertigo, an Imprint of DC Comics has a long tradition of publishing excellent horror and supernatural themed books, and Coffin Hill continues that excellent tradition.
I initially picked up this book because it was being written by author Caitlin Kittredge. Though I haven't read any of Caitlin’s novels, I make it a point to try any comic written or illustrated by female creators. The second draw was Inaki’s art. Just look at these two stunning covers:
Art from Co-Creator Inaki Miranda
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Coffin Hill is a contemporary tale set in New England. The Hill family is the source of much speculation and whispered conversations. Their  family is rumored to be witches. A rumor that the family uses to cultivate a level of power and fear in their community. Their connection to magic however is true and one night Eve Coffin leads a group of her friends into the woods to cast a spell. It goes horribly wrong. One of Eve’s friends goes insane afterwards and another disappears.

Eve leaves town and becomes a police officer, only to return home years later a minor celebrity due to capture of a dangerous killer. Once she settles in at home she realizes that the darkness she opened the door to years ago has left its mark on her family and her community, and now it wants her.

I adore this series. It’s a perfect melding of art and dialogue that radiates creepy goodness! Eve is a complex woman. She is responsible for some very horrible things, yet there is something very relatable to her. The first story arc blends flashbacks that tell the tale of that awful night and Eve’s time away from Coffin Hill. I’m such a fan of this series and I’m looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.

Caitlin is also a prolific novel writer. Her are two of most popular series that I’m looking forward to reading:
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I hope you give this series a try .

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