Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: EXO by Steven Gould





I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review

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Exo continues the story of Seanna or Cent to her friends and family. Cent’s powers developed in the previous novel Impulse, and in EXO she is working on pushing her Jumping powers to their maximum potential. To do that Cent enlists the help of Dr. Cory Matoska. Timing is everything, and Cent finds Cory just after his funding has been pulled and his experimental atmospheric suit under lock and key.


The two form a partnership that will bring EXO’s dreams to fruition but not without some risk. Along with Cents scientific explorations this book also delves in to the lives of her parents. After an attack at her mothers assisted living facilities Cent’s parents decide to move her home with them which leads them to share their secret with others. This increases the families vulnerability in a time when government agencies are closing in around them.


I had a bit of mixed feelings about this book. Though the scientific principles being explored were fascinating, and Cent’s friends and families storylines compelling I felt like I didn't really connect with Cent. Her narrative was very straight forward and she is a brilliant ambitious young woman but some of her narratives came through very deadpan. I enjoyed her interactions with her friends and Cory the most but I still felt a little distant towards the star of the book : Cent.


The middle of this book really revved up action wise and the end of the novel has some interesting implications for the future of the series and the potential of Jumpers in general. A nice solid read that is also new reader friendly.

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