Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Gasp by Lisa McMann






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This series seemed to go by so fast! It was bittersweet reading this final volume of the Visions series. See I’ve come to love Jules and Sawyer, Ben and Trey. So as a reader there was this mix of emotions. Happiness that major story elements were getting revealed, appreciation for the diversity of characters and real world situations that Lisa explores in her novels, and a bit of sadness as I say goodbye to another group of beloved characters.


In the opening of this novel Team Vision spotters are on the hunt for the next “victim” of visions that have passed throughout the lives of Jules and her loved ones lives. Its a trickier business this time do the the number of people involved in the college shooting, but through perseverance, and the help of their new friend Ben the vision holder is located.


With all of Jules experience you would expect this latest vision to be prevented easily. But then the unthinkable happens. The vision holder refuses to help and a preventable accident leads to death. The crew thinks that is the end of their adventures until they are contacted by the student involved a second time. She is experiencing a second vision, stronger than the first with a much higher body count. So once again Jules and her friends put their lives at risk for others.


This was such a quick read for me because I could not put it down. I devoured it in a day. The stakes were much higher in this story then the others yet Lisa also managed to fold in some humor and romance. Through out  the series I have also marveled  at the wonderful way Lisa has portrayed, mental illness and family issues. Another satisfying read by one of my favorite authors. Check this wonderful series out ASAP!

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