Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Share 40: Welcoming Fall, Beginning Strokes, Reading Life



Kai Sunday Share 3



Happy September! Despite the heat here in California  I’m moving into a Fall state of mind. One of the books I check in with every month is this one:



The themes for September in this book is about Turning and Returning. The herb she recommends for this month is comfrey:



It was fascinating to learn in this book that some find the herb dangerous but after reading Judith’s thoughts on the matter I feel comfortable making some comfrey tea.


I’ve also been working with some oils from Aura Cacia this month:

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This root chakra oil is one of my favorites. It has the essences of Cedarwood and other oils  It really has a wonderful grounding effect.


There are some other great scents as well:

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Beginning Strokes

I’ve been wanting to be more creative lately and so I’ve decided to try my hand at drawing. I found these great resources at the library:

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I also brought this kit to learn Chinese Brush Drawing:



Reading Life


I met my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal:



I read 280 books so far this year!

My Tbr Pile is down to 46 physical books and about 50 E-books. That’s the lowest its been in a really long time,

Review Books


I’ve been turning down a lot of review opportunities in order to clear my TBR pile. But here are the review books that have come in in the past few weeks. The majority of them from Tor:


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So how has your week been? Share!

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Kelly said...

You've read 280 books so far this year?! Good grief, I was excited just to hit the 150 mark!

Herbal Rituals looks interesting. I might have to check it out sometime.

Happy reading!