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Steampunk Thrills & Chills: Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon By David





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I love this cover! When I opened the tor envelope and saw it was Gideon Smith’s second adventure I was sooo excited.  Barnett has a masterful way of folding in historical and mythical elements into his stories and I opened this book with two questions:

Has Gideon found Maria, (the clockwork girl who stole his heart) ?

What new and intriguing characters will we meet this time around?


The story answers question two pretty quickly as readers become entwined in Charles Darwin and Stanford Rubicon’s perilous adventures in The Lost World which means: Dinosaurs! I could have happily read pages and pages of the duo’s adventures in the primordial world they have become trapped in.


Just when things are at their worse for Darwin and Rubicon,  Gideon Smith and his crew sweep into rescue them.  From there Gideon is able to resume his quest to find Maria. The clockwork girl who has been stolen from him.

Their journey leads them through the American colonies and various run ins with lawless strangers and mad rulers. There is also a parallel story involving a Japanese scientist and his family. All these threads converge into a spectacular finale with intense battle sand reunited lovers.

It was wonderful sliding back into Gideon’s life. This novel is very new reader friendly which I always appreciate.  Another great chapter in the life of Gideon and his trusted allies. A wonderful read.

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