Monday, October 6, 2014

Suspense With A Woman's Touch : Blackbird by Anna Carey

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I picked up this Arc at SDCC this year and I bumped it to the top of my pile for Hallowreads. I really liked the pacing of this novel in the opening chapters. The narrative originally reads like a twisted choose you own adventure story :”Its the vibration that finally wakes you, your eyes fluttering open..”
After nearly being run over by a train our teen character comes to a few realizations:
She doesn't know her name
She has a strange set of numbers and letters on her wrist.
She has a backpack with a phone number, a few pieces of clothing and a thousand dollars in cash.

I was really intrigued by the opening chapters of “Sunny’s” story. The novel really progressed nicely until the middle of the book. As we learn more about the people chasing Sunny the story seemed to get lost. Then towards the end there is a quick revelation and a major confrontation that leaves the reader with more questions.
I’m guessing this book is first in a series but there  aren't a lot of unrevealed story threads that make me want to invest in a second book.
Despite that I found the mystery themes very interesting and was happy at least some of them were revealed.

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