Friday, November 28, 2014

12 Days Holiday Romance: A Holiday Gamble by Jane Feather



I was drawn to this E-novella because of it’s gorgeous cover and because I’m quite a fan of Jane Feather. This was a really enjoyable story. On a stormy Christmas Eve, Viscount Edward Vasey is having a very bad night. First he is robbed by bandits on a snowy road, and then he is forced to abandon his plans to meet his fiancée and her family because of impassible roads.

Edward quickly discovers he has put  himself in the hospitality of a dubious group of revelers. The one bright spot of the stay  is Georgiana, the ward of his host Roger Selby. The two are immediately drawn to each other. Edward vainly fights his attraction, but Georgiana's mysterious behavior draws him nearer. When Edward discovers Georgiana’s plan to escape Selby’s forced marriage he readily agrees to help. The duo carefully plan their escape and succumb to their mutual passion. 
There is wonderful tension in this story both in the romance, and the machinations of Georgiana’s  guardian. However I felt the story ended a little flatly, I would have liked a little bit more of a resolution.
Still it was a solid sexy read!
Overall Review:
4 Candy Canes!
Romance Meter:
3 Cocoa’s !

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