Monday, November 10, 2014

SCI-FI Binge : Red Dwarf









If you were a Science Fiction Fan in the eighties one series always was buzzed about:



Being a fan of British television like Doctor Who, I would find a few articles about the show  in my favorite Science Fiction magazines but  was never able to watch it, since it didn't air in the United States. A few months ago I discovered the show on Hulu and this seems a perfect month to Binge Watch! For the rest of the month I will be updating you on my progress. The show has 10 Seasons! Astounding! So I’m not sure How much I will get to but I hope you check in for my  progress!


Season 1

* Spoilers*


My initial thoughts on the show were: Wow! quite a diverse cast! In the first episode we meet Craig Charles aka David Lister. David is definitely and ethnic character. I’m hazarding a guess that he is African American but its pretty clear he is racially diverse. The second main character is Cat, played by Danny John Jules, who is an African American character. The third main character is Chris Barrie who plays an annoying crew member turned hologram called Arnold Rimmer.

Those are the first three characters in the photo below from Right To Left (Dave is in the middle). Apparently more characters are coming but I’m not their yet :)



This is a kind of a weird show. The premise is that Dave is the last human in the Universe.  He was a tech on the mining ship Red Dwarf who was put in stasis for insubordination ( he snuck a cat on board). Dave wakes however to find the entire crew dead from a radiation leak. Dave has been in stasis for three million years and his only companions now are the ships computer Holly, Cat who has evolved from the Cat Dave snuck onboard to be a walking , talking embodiment of all of a cats personality traits. and Rimmer Dave’s bunkmate who annoys him just as much as a Hologram as he did when he was alive.


I’m now On Episode 5 of Season 1 and I have to say this show is a bit.. odd. The premise is really cool but its odd kind of like Seinfeld in space . However its very addicting!

Episode Highlights Season One


Dave is so much fun. He is very laid back and highly personable. Craig plays with an everyman that makes him highly relatable. He reminds me a little of the live action version of Fry from Futurama.



Everyone knows a Rimmer. He’s that annoying co-worker that always has to put their 2 cents in. Rimmer is sooo annoying but also a great character.



I utterly love Danny John Jules portrayal of Cat. Imagine a male cat brains inserted into James Browns body. He is so much fun!


This is a very short season, so I’ll be back with Season 2 thoughts soon!


Anonymous said...

The PBS station in Nebraska used to show Red Dwarf as well as Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and a host of British comedies. I have many fond memories of watching them with my mom. Rewatching Red Dwarf now... It *is* an odd show, isn't it?


yes!once you start its hard to stop!