Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SCI-FI MONTH Review: Doctor Who: Lights Out








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So I’ve had a lot of issues with this season of Doctor Who.  The writing and character interactions just didn’t gel with me this year. Though I don’t dislike Peter Capaldi, I just don’t get his version of The Doctor. This short story of Holly’s though is the best representation of the 12th doctor I’ve read or seen this year!

Sharp eyed Who fans will find a lot of cool Easter Eggs in this story, including the names of lots of alien races, that had me jumping to the web to discover. The Doctor is on a simple coffee run for Clara when he decides to visit a futuristic coffee producing planet. Here  he meets an alien who feels an immediate connection to the Doctor despite his new face. It is an alien that the doctor rescued from a laboratory  years earlier.

While the two are catching up the lights go out and a murdered body is laying at his feet. The doctor is quickly on the case and on the run from an increasing amount of dead bodies.

I really loved this story! I would love to see Holly write more stories in the Whoverse. She has a great grasp of the characters and situations in the world of Doctor Who and adds a few dark twists that she is known for in her other fictional worlds. What really stands out about this story is that it is told through the eyes of a secondary character. Yet everything about this story has all the elements of a classic Who episode.

This is a very solid , quick read that is a treat for fans old and new. This is an E-novella so look for it at Amazon, The Nook or I Books.

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