Saturday, November 29, 2014

SCI-FI Month Review: Origami Yoda Book 6: Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus








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It’s been a wonderful ride reading the Origami Yoda Series. Though It is a contemporary story,and aimed at middle grade readers, this series is a must for Star Wars fans of all ages . In this final volume we see the seventh graders of Ralph McQuarrie Middle School have fought some serious battles over their education and origami. Now victory seems assured as the group are on their way to their field trip in D.C. However right off the bat things go bad. Origami is banned for the entire trip,and relationships are made or broken depending on bus assignments.


Lucky for the Origami gang their leader Dwight has brought a stash of green fruit roll ups to channel his inner Yoda! But with High School looming how much longer should the group rely on Origami to solve their problems? This was a perfect ending to the series. It tied up a lot of loose story threads and left long time readers with a satisfied feeling. I’ve reviewed every book in this series because not only have I enjoyed the humor and Star wars reverences, I’ve also loved what Tom has done with serious topics like education and bullying. He also has included several female characters in the stories that have a prominent role in all the novels.


Sad to see it go but that’s what re-reads are for!

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