Sunday, November 30, 2014

SCI-FI Month Spotlight: Wild Cards Universe









Recently This Lovely came in the mail from Tor books. I was immediately drawn to the character on the cover since this type of Racial diversity is rare on the cover of a Science Fiction book. This however isn't just any book. This is the 22nd book in the Wild Cards Series. If you have read any Science Fiction in the past fifteen years or so you've come across a volume or two of Wild Cards ( LowBall is the 22nd Book in the series) books.

I myself had seen several but, when I saw the number of volumes in the series, I was overwhelmed and put them back on the shelf. This was a mistake, as I learned when I opened LowBall and began reading Michael Cassutt’s story The Big Bleed, the first story in this volume. I was immediately comfortable in the world, and able to understand how the Universe worked. It’s very rare to find a series that can be jumped into at any time with minimal confusion.




Wildcards is a shared universe anthology in which various writers are invited to play with existing characters or create new situations. The Wild Cards universe explore stories on an Earth that has been affected by an Alien gene virus that has been detonated over the Earth.  Everything in our Earth’s history is the same in the WC universe up until 1946. If you want a more detailed series of events that shaped George R.R. Martin and his friends creation of the Wild Cards world visit Wild Cards Online.


I’m barely half way into LowBall but I already know that there is much more Wild Cards reading in my future! I also love that fact that there are female contributors to the anthology along with some great female characters.



Here are a few of the covers from the series:

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If you've read any of the Wild Cards stories leave me a comment telling me your favorite books or characters.

Happy Reading!

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