Friday, November 28, 2014

SCIENCE FLIXtion : Angry Red Planet & Captain Harlock


I thought it was such a cool idea when Rinn came up with the idea of watching some Science Fiction films on Netflix for this months event. I’ve watched these so far:

Angry Red Planet

Angry Is one of those Sci-Fi films films from the fifties and sixties that were short, yet packed with a few thrills. The story centers around the first four humans to land on Mars. While I was happy to see one of the lead scientists in the film was a woman, the rampant sexism,and general rapey overrates made to her by two of the men was disappointing. However this film had a very interesting message about humans entering a new world with no thought to if they were invited or wanted.
There are also some cool effects scenes like his weird bat like creature:

The shortness of the film leads to an almost abrupt ending and it’s pretty obvious from the beginning who would survive since most of the film is told in flashbacks.

Space Captain Harlock
I originally knew about the character Harlock from the popular Japanese anime from many years ago. I never got to watch the original manga so I was excited to see a live action adaption on Netflix.

Harlock is kind of a mixed bag. It’s visually stunning and the story was interesting. Set in a future where mankind has left the Earth and propagated the stars. The exodus from Earth had been due to overpopulation and destruction of the environment. Because of this several corporations have decided to control access to Earth, an action Harlock and his crew don’t agree with. great action scenes but it just lacked that little extra something I look forward to in live action Japanese films.

I heard a lot of positive buzz about SnowPiercer and after watching it I can’t understand why this movie didn't stay in theaters much longer. Set in a future where global warming has eradicated about 99 percent of the population, the last traces of humanity live on a train that is perpetually in motion. Class systems are in full force on the train with the wealthy living in luxury in the front parts of the train and the poor living in the rear cars.

A revolution begins and dark secrets about how the train’s residents have managed to survive for so long are revealed as the rebels move closer and closer to the main car. A very action packed movie with some twists that I wasn't prepared for. A must see!
I hope you check out one or all of these great films!

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Tabitha (Not Yet Read) said...

Ooo I didn't know there was a live action of Captain Harlock. I need to watch it. As for Snow Piercer my husband seems to think I shouldn't watch it until after my pregnancy is over, he thinks it will upset me since I'm all emotional and hormonal lol.