Thursday, December 4, 2014

12 Days Animals Of The Solstice: Night Of The White Stag by Helldorfer & Gilbert



The White Stag is an animal of the Solstice shrouded in mystery and magic. The White stag is considered a positive omen and is often associated with healing. In this story we find a young man named Finder on the way to visit his King, to ask for help for his starving family. Finder’s father has died in the King’s War and Finders’ mother hopes his loyalty won’t be forgotten by the King.
A storm rages soon after Finder leaves and he finds himself lost in the Forest. While wandering, Finder discovers a blind old man who is searching for The White Stag. Taking pity on the man Finder helps him track the deer to surprising results.
This is such a gorgeous book! I adore British legends and this one is gorgeously realized. Gilbert’s art captures the eye and draws readers into a world of myth and magic. A wonderful book to add to your holiday reading list.

5 Candy Canes!

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