Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Coyer Readathons: Be My Valentine Read-A-Thon





Perfect timing for this! I have several romance E-books to read including this series:






Scavenger Hunt Final Wrap Up

I managed to accumulate 24 Points by reading books like:

Anna Dressed In Blood


Fangirls Guide to the galaxy

Heir to the Jedi


I’m looking forward to the category reveals for this one !








I finished 3 Books:

Name of The Star

Masque of The Red Death

Die For me

Hope you all met your reading goals!

The first readathon of Coyer is here! The theme of this readathon is to read Authors, narrators, or series that are new to you!

Here are the books I’m going to read. I've had them all on my reader for over a year and all the others are new to me:

10429092 13595639



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