Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Classic Spotlight: Medea by Euripides





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I really wanted to change my reading up a bit for 2015 and so I decided to read a lot more Non-Fiction, Poetry & Plays. As soon as I made that decision I found some amazing deals at my library bookstore including this play. The entire play is under 50 pages but it has a strong emotional impact.

The story opens with Medea bemoaning her fate in the country of Cornith. She has discovered that her husband the heroic Jason has been taken into the welcoming bosom of Creon, King of Cornith. So much so that Creon offers Jason his daughters hand in marriage. Jason quickly accepts.


Medea’s heartbreak turns to anger and a deep desire for revenge. When Jason finally comes to Medea he is not apologetic, in fact her tells her the choice he made is for the good of their family, if she would just calm down and listen to his reasoning. This enflames Medea even more and leads her acts of murder.

This is a highly readable play with themes that are timeless and cautionary. A sad but fascinating read.

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