Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Diversity Spotlight: Georgia & Memento Mori from X- Factor



I’ve been enjoying Peter David’s Reboot of X-Factor for Marvel Since I’ve been reading the book in trade format I just discovered Georgia & Memento In Volume 2 of X-factor which is available for sale and at your local library now!




From the opening issue (7) Georgia is very prominent, from the cover where she is talking to X-factor member Cypher, to the opening pages where we see Georgia filming a live video lamenting the fact that she is being hidden away from the world. When X-factor member Doug sees the video he becomes very concerned and convinces the team to “rescue “ Georgia. Things aren't exactly what the group thinks and their intervention leads to Georgia’s capture by Memento who becomes a part of the entire arc of this story.



In this arc of X-factor we get not one but 2 covers with diverse characters being spotlighted!

portrait_incredible thCA5GOSKD



Georgia is beautiful and has a wonderful personality. I love that the art team of Di Giandomenico & Loughridge gave her such wonderful features. There is no mistaking that she is a young woman of color. She also is a very poised young woman who manages to find humor and calm in some very difficult situations, like being kidnapped by Memento Mori.




Memento Mori

3881341-memento mori

I don’t want to give too much away but Memento has a connection to Georgia that leads him to snatch her up the minute she steps out of her Father’s protective compound. Memento is a very smooth character. I love that Peter has given him the intellect and prowess of Lex Luthor or Doctor Doom. His choice of a lair is brilliant and he has many facets to his personality.


I loved everything about this arc. It was very entertaining and from the ending it looks like Georgia may be a part of X-factors life for a while. In conclusion what I loved so much about these characters were their authenticity and entertainment value. They didn’t have to be African- American characters but I’m so grateful that they are. David is an amazing writer, a triple threat as he writes, novels, animation scripts ( Young Justice to name one), and comics. As a fan of his for so many years I have enjoyed watching him consistently introduce diverse characters and relationships to the comic book world and  this arc in X-factor is another step towards a more diverse universe.

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