Monday, January 12, 2015

Diversity Spotlight: Scandal in Copper Lake by Marilyn Pappano








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I don't read a lot of contemporary romance, but when I saw this cover I was really excited to see an interracial couple on the cover so I picked it up.  Harlequin has always been my go to company for romance, but I’m partial to their Historical and teen romances. So this was not only my first contemporary book in a long time but,  also my first Romantic Suspense novel as well. I really loved this book . Not only did the mystery elements keep me riveted, but the love story between Anamaria  and Robbie was passionate and realistic.

Anamaria Duquesne has returned to Copper Lake to take ownership of her families ancestral home and search for clues to her mothers death. Anamaria has a intuitive gift that is guiding her in her quest but also puts some of Copper Lakes residents on edge. Attorney Robbie Calloway has been asked to keep an eye on Anamaria and his skepticism of her gift is immediately in conflict with his attraction to  her.

This novel had wonderful pacing, and lots of sizzling romance. The mystery element provides a reason for the characters to interact and the dangers they face are a catalyst that boost their intimacy.   Pappano does a great job capturing the personalities of the couple without any awkward racial stereotypes. The characters are aware at how their differences can affect their future together but they take a leap of faith that is both realistic and romantic. 

I'm definitely going to pick up the other novels in the Copper Lake series including this one:

Copper Lake Encounter;

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