Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review: The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin





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I have to confess I was a little skeptical that there could be a story from the Game of Thrones universe, that was suitable for younger readers. But from the opening pages I fell in love with this story and I think many young readers will as well.

The center of this story is Adara, a child of winter. Adara is born during the coldest time in her villages history. Her birth brings her Mother’s death. Adara is a strange quiet child who lives with her family but doesn't connect with them emotionally.

The cold calls to Adara and so does the Ice Dragon she meets. Adara and the dragon’s connection grows as she ages.The pair  form a bond that surpasses that of her family ,and only a distant war that is suddenly on their doorstep can tear them apart.

This is my first time viewing Luis Royo’s art and I’m now a diehard fan. One of the powerful things that connects this book to the reader is the added emotional connection the art creates as the story unfolds.

A beautiful story of love and sacrifice. Wonderfully done!

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