Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review: Justice League Beyond by Fridolfs & Krul






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I picked this for GN  for the Panels Read Harder Comic Book Challenge. This is for the category:

” Pick a New to You Comic From the Library”


I’m familiar with the Justice League beyond Universe because of The Batman Beyond comic. This book is set in the future, where we see different versions of Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Micron, The Flash, and more. What originally stood out to me about the story was the great diversity. Green Lantern is a young boy raised as a Monk and potential Dali Lama. The Flash is a young black female, and The Martian Manhunter is disguising himself as a Black private eye.

Each of the stories in the collection give the reader a glimpse at the characters origin story before showing them fighting against some of their greatest challenges. For Superman it’s facing the repercussions of an act of goodwill over 25 years ago, For The Flash it’s the burden of carrying forward a very beloved legacy and The Green Lantern finds him having to rely on his wits and skills learned at the monastery once he is separated from his ring.

A really enjoyable read. I’m hoping to read more about these characters soon.

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