Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unlimited Week 1: My First 7 Days With Marvel Unlimited







I’ve really cut back on my comic book spending mainly because of space considerations and budget. The changes I‘ve made led to me cutting a lot of Marvel’s $3.99 Titles. Over the holidays I received an offer for two months of Marvel Unlimited for 9.99. So I signed up!


App Navigation

I downloaded the MU app from  Google play onto my nook HD. The app downloaded easily and I was able to login with no problems as well. However from the very first comic I downloaded I had numerous system crashes. Like every single time I open the app. Also when I could get a book open it would crash again on page 4.

I’ve sent numerous crash reports thru the app. I didn't receive any feedback from these reports,  but when I sent a message to the Marvel customer service I got a prompt response.

I checked all the info in the e-mail against my tablet and finally uninstalled & Reinstalled the app. Things worked a lot better after I reinstalled the app. I’ve also noticed that WI-FI spots make a difference as well. If the connection is weak you won’t be able to navigate the app very well.


I’ve spent the past week catching up on these series:


19539419 20454376


20898019 20898015


17277806  17899537


I love the comics selection on this app! New comics are added every week and I’ve already devoured over 40 books!


Despite the crashes I’ve found the app very worth the $9.99 and I will be upgrading to the yearly plan this month!

This is a must for Marvel fans old and new.

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