Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fictional Couples I Ship

This feature is hosted by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! This was a really hard decision but I decided to pick couples from Comics, TV & Movies. Here are my Picks:

Kitty & Colossus
I've loved these two for ever. Since this version of them:
Yes I know there was a bit of a questionable age difference between them initially but that was then. The pair had a lot of ups and downs. kitty grew up and started hanging out with a friend her own age named Doug. Colossus went and fell in love with an alien girl who not only couldn't speak English but was hooking up with Johnny Storm before flirting with Peter during the Secret Wars. Then they broke up and Colossus died. Well sort of died.
Only in my heart were Kitty & Peter together until a guy named Joss Whedon gave us Astonishing X- Men:
Astonishing X-men was everything a Peter & Kitty shipper could dream off including a bittersweet ending that left K &P shippers wondering if it was this couples destiny to be star crossed lovers after all.
Buffy & Angel
Speaking of Whedon:

Sigh. Somewhere there is a world where the Angel Finale never happened and Buffy and Angel  are together.Forever. I’ve heard some inkling that there is a B  & A reunion of sorts in the Buffy comics that I will have to read at some point.

Storm &Forge
I can’t think of any other comic series that has produced some of the most complex and ship worthy couples than the X-Men. Forge & Storm found the safest of havens in each others arms in difficult times. Not only were these two one of the most romantic pairings in comics,they were also wonderfully diverse. I learned a lot about the challenges in daily life
for a disabled person through Forge’s stories (He has a artificial leg). And it was also wonderful watching Storm’s emotional walls crumble as she opened her self to all the joy and vulnerability falling in love brings to ones life.
Yes Storm went on to marry a certain Wakandan prince but in my shipping heart,she will find her way to Forge again somehow. Unless he’s dead. Is he dead ? Massive amounts of X-men need to be read in my future.

Han & Leia


Sometimes I have this panicky feeling. The feeling that episode VII will not confirm what the Star Wars EU showed us: Han & Leia totally got hitched and made little padawans! I’m just being paranoid right?  I love these two together. Because if I can’t have Han I fully approve of Leia as his Space Wife.

Scott & Jean/Luke & Mara
Cyclops-and-Jean-scott-summers-and-jean-grey-14074924-679-1047 thCACK505R
These last two are a tie because in reality they don’t exist. Well not right now Scott & Jean. Ah! One of the most tragic and romantic love affairs in the Marvel Universe. Brian Michael Bendis has found a way to reunite a younger version of Jean Grey with an older Scott Summers but the biggest hurdle between them is not the age difference,but the whole their love may screw up all of time and reality.

Union takes place after the third Heir to the Empire novel series and shows us the wedding of Luke & Mara. It’s such a beautiful story. One that is now part of the EU “Legends” which is Disney’s books way of saying we know you love this but its not canon unless we make it canon. Help us Mara lovers J.J.! Your our only hope!

So there you have it! My couple obsessions! I’m excited to see who everyone else picked.

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Juli Rahel said...

Omg no, if Leia and Han aren't married in EP7 I will find JJ Abrams and make him answer for my pain! They're amazing and should always be together, saving the galaxy and all! Same with Luke and Mara, although I can deal with them not being in the film and therefore not canon. Angel and Buffy are great as well although I have a very soft spot for Spike & Buffy! This sounds like an amazing meme, might have to join at some point!
Juli @ Universe in Words