Friday, February 6, 2015

5 Fandom Friday : Favorite Funko Pop Figures


I really enjoy these posts by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. This weeks post is right up my alley! I’m a Funko fan, my collection is nearing 100. What I enjoy most about Funko is the variety of fandoms they cover and the abundance of female characters. It was a hard choice but here are my Top 5 Funko :

9 inch Batman
My very first and favorite Pop figure. I love the detail on this and all the pop figures and the fact that it’s oversized. More Batman to love.
Isn’t she lovely? Amazing details are everywhere on this Pop! I was very pleased that Funko Included Gamora in their first round of Guardians Pops.  The lack of Gamora themed merchandise last year lead to the creation of a #WheresGamora thread on twitter.
Ned Stark (SDCC Exclusive)

My first exclusive pop. This is a bit gruesome but very creative pop. Magnets allow you to lift the head off the pop making it a headless Ned. Sob. I managed to get this for under twenty dollars from Gemini Collectibles and its now averaging 150 – 200 dollars online.

Like Many fans who started reading comics in the 80’s the X-men were the Alpha & Omega of their fandom. Colossus is my comic book crush! I’ve loved him for over 20 years and was shipping Peter & Kitty before I even knew what shipping was! I’m going to be meeting Chris Claremont for the first time at Long Beach Comic- Con This Month and I’m hoping to get this pop signed before, after or during my fangirl flailing .

Colossal Titan

I am obsessed with Attack On Titan. I squealed when I heard Funko was making an AOT line and I couldn't wait to add this creepy pop to my collection.

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