Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: Rot & Ruin Volume 1





GN2015 (640x270) (2)






The Rot & Ruin series is one of my favorites so I was excited to learn there would be a comic book series. These are new stories in the world of R&R staring The warrior 4: Nix, Chong, Lilah and Benny. This first story takes place after a few spoilery events but is still new reader friendly. After being on the road battling zombies for over a month the crew think they have found rest on a well managed farm and in its leader Farmer John.
But cracks in this paradise reveal themselves pretty quickly and son a battle with humans and zombies begins.
The action was really great in this series but the character development was a tad lacking. I know its hard to not give too much of the story away but the emotional connections I felt with the books weren't really there. Still it was a great read.

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