Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Diversity Spotlight: The Princess In Black by Hale & Pham








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I usually focus on books with racially diverse backgrounds for my diversity spotlight posts, but this book prompted me to remember that diversity is more than just the color of ones skin. I was never a girl who loved pink, makeup or frilly dresses. Yes I played with Barbie’s and baby dolls but once I discovered Star Wars, my life became dominated by action figures. This is a book that spotlights a different shade of princess !


What I loved about this book initially was the cover.What a wonderful message for girls that not all princess’s wear pink. The story revolves around Princess Magnolia having a typical day of entertaining at the castle. Magnolia is enjoying scones and Hot Chocolate but is very alert since her guest is the snoopy Duchess Wigtower.

The last think Princess Magnolia needs is for the monster alarm to go off and then it does! Magnolia slips away and changes into The Princess in Black! As Magnolia battles the monster that has snuck into her kingdom, the snoopy Duchess Wigtower may have found a clue to Magnolia’s secret identity.


This was a fast little read with gorgeous art. There is some wonderful action scenes and a nice resolution to the events in the story. I would love to see more adventures from this writing & art team.

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