Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Dead Spots by Rhiannon Frater






I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review.


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This book was an unexpected surprise from Tor. I’m familiar with Frater from her As The World Dies series but I didn't know anything about this book before I started it. Our guide through this tale is Mackenzie Babin. An unexpected loss turns Mackenzie’s world upside down, and she finds her perfect life upended. On a trip home to stay with her Mother Mackenzie takes a short cut that introduces her to the horrific world of Dead Spots.


Dead Spots are abandoned buildings that lure humans into the nightmare world of The Wraiths. When humans stumble into them the Wraiths show them their deepest fears and feed off the fear energy. Mackenzie would have spiraled into despair if it wasn’t for her meeting with Grant a fellow Dead Spot captive. Grant teaches her how to use her life force to  “hold” a Dead Spot in place so they can have safety for the night. It is a temporary respite to the daily horrors of her new world. Grant & Mackenzie develop a working partnership with the potential for more except they disagree on one crucial element: Helping other Dead Spot victims. Grant is insistent that it is too dangerous, but Mackenzie feels she must reach out to others. The consequences of her actions bring a horrid secret to light and may cost her everything.


This book is great combination of contemporary drama and horror. Frater describes some really chilling scenarios. From  Murderous clowns to killer balloons, safety is hard fought and short lived in Dead Spots. I did have a few problems with the character Mackenzie, I actually enjoyed grant and the other characters more. It wasn't so much a problem with the writing but my personal reactions to her personality. A really good read, lots of plot twists and though the ending was a bit hurried for my tastes it tied up the main story elements.

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