Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review: The Truth Is a Cave In the Black Mountains by Gaiman & Campbell








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This is an atmospheric read. Eddie Campbell’s art and Gaiman’s beautifully crafted words transport the reader to a different time and place. This story is a first person narrative about a fathers quest for vengeance. A dwarf comes to the home of Calum MacInnes. He hires Calum to lead him to a cave of legend at the Isle of Skye. A cave filled with gold. As the two travel they share stories and legends. The narrator, who may or may not be Johnnie is involved in a verbal fencing of sort with Calum. He is probing for truth, a confirmation that he has found the man he is looking for.

One story in particular about a beautiful young girl shows the true meaning around the Dwarf’s journey and what it will cost him to succeed in his plan.

Like all Gaiman collaborations this book is stunning and unforgettable. This creative team has worked together before and that translates through the seamless way the words and pictures convey the tale. A wonderful read.

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Vasilly said...

Gaiman is sometimes a hit-or-miss with me, but I found this atmospheric book to be such a good read.