Friday, March 27, 2015

Take Control of Your TBR Review Area 10 by Gage and Samnee



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This is a contemporary story that has the look and feel of a fine noir. NYPD detective Adam Kamen is chasing a serial killer nicknamed “Henry The Eight” because he steals the heads of the corpses. Adam comes close to capturing the killer but fails. He also gets a screwdriver to the head as a parting gift from the suspect. As the months past and Adam recovers he starts having strange experiences, including precognitive dreams.
The plot of this story uncoils with lots of dramatic tension and nail biting action. There are several narrative misdirects that lead the reader to mistrust everyone.
Samnee’s art is stellar! The entire book is in black and white but it’s gorgeously rendered. There is great sense of kinetic energy in the page that really works for the dramatic elements of the story, A great read!

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