Thursday, April 23, 2015

Review: Archie The Married Life

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I’ve been meaning to read this series for a long time so it was a wonderful surprise to find it on Scribd. A few years ago Archie took some risks by creating an alternate universe to play What If? with some of the age old questions in the Archie Universe, like who would be better for Archie, Betty or Veronica?

This first volume of The Married Life shows us two worlds simultaneously. In Archie marries Betty we see the young lovers trying to make it in New York. They are struggling but happy until Mr. Lodge decides to try to buy Archie’s affections back for Veronica, and then destroys the young couples lives when Archie refuses.

In Archie marries Veronica we see Archie enter the corporate world of Lodge industries only to be front row center to Lodge’s plans to close down Pop Tate’s and replace it with swank condos and expensive coffee shops.
Each Universe also has some interesting take on the gangs life, like Moose running for Mayor and Reggie turning out to be a down on his luck donut shop worker. Betty also goes through some tough times as she finds it hard to live amongst her friends since she still loves Archie. A really fascinating story arc though a few plot twists are a bit predictable.  

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