Monday, April 27, 2015

Review: RoboChuck Issue 1 by Chris Callahan





I picked up a free copy of this at Wondercon this year and just had the chance to read it. This was a really solid first issue with some interesting plot threads. This first issue shows us the world that Robochuck inhabits. Its Flattown a onetime haven for two dimensional cartoon characters. Computer generated toons have transformed the work world causing a lot of hardship for the two dimensional ones.

This is the world that we find  Computer Generated character RoboChuck is trying to make a living. ROBO is the adopted son of Inksplat and the action in this episode kicks off when the Don of Digital cartoons sends someone to track down some missing computer chips, and unfortunately that trail leads to Inksplat and may lead RoboChuck on his heroes journey.

This is a very engaging first issue. I love supporting independent comics and this is a book I will support. There are currently three issues out of the series so far. You can learn more about the series at

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