Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Week Review: Sabine : My Rebel Sketchbook









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One of the major disappointments for me since becoming a Rebel’s fan is the lack of Sabine & Hera in merchandise. Visit any toy aisle that carries Star wars Rebels products and you WON’T find either of the female characters on the shelves. So when I saw that Sabine had her own book I rushed to buy it to show support for the character.

This book is a look at the Rebel’s universe through Sabine’s eyes. Sabine is an artist so her journal is full of sketches and colors. We don’t get a huge insight into Sabine’s past in this book but we do get a round up of the Ghost members adventures to date along with an art breakdown of the evolution of the Rebellion symbol.

I really loved this book. It’s perfect for middle grade readers and has a few blank pages in the back for readers to make their own drawings.


A quick read but satisfying. More importantly it’s an important collectible for one of Rebel’s fan favorite characters.

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