Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bout Of Books 17 :Tips For A Fun Readathon

Another Bout of Books is coming!! I’ve participated in every Bout of Books and have even been an Expert a few times. The key word for  Bout of Books is Fun! So here are some tips to make the readathon enjoyable.

Plan Your Reading Stack
Put all your reading  potentials in one place. Pull from a lot of genres so if you get bored you can move to the next book easily. I have a stack of Children’s books, Graphic Novels, and  E-books  to pull from.

Avoid Review Books
I know many of us have a stack of review books to get through but I wouldn't suggest reading any for Bout of Books. Only because as reviewers we tend to keep going with a book even if we aren’t 100 percent engaged. That eats up time you could spend zipping through books you do enjoy.

Maximize Your Best Reading Days
One of the things I see repeatedly in the #BoutofBooks feed is readers lamenting their lack of progress on a certain day and saying they failed. It helps if you plot out your week and really “go for it” on your optimum days. For example I have Monday & Tuesday morning free so I will be getting up early and getting some prime reading in.

Social Media
Twitter is a great way to connect with your fellow #BoutOfBooks participants. It’s also a great way to find out the latest announcements and engage in the various chats. Avoid using the @boutofbooks twittter handle for any questions. Instead use the hashtag #BoutofBooks or tweet directly to the Bout of books Experts. This is to guarantee you get a quicker response.

Remember: FAIL is a Dirty Word
Remember that word I used earlier ? Fun? their is no Fail in Fun! So many participants get down on themselves about how many books or pages they have or haven’t read. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

I hope one or all of these tips help you have an awesome #BoutofBooks ! Drop me a tweet @yogikai to see what I’m reading!

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kimbacaffeinate said...

Great tips, as for review books after almost 4 years of reviewing I have learned to let go at 100 pages if it isn't working