Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Children's Book Round Up: Some of My Favorite Recent Reads



I’ve read some wonderful children’s books lately:


Classic Read

I haven’t read any of the Curious George books before so when I saw them in my Scribd  account I decided to read the original. The art in this book is stunning. There is a wonderful  sense of energy to the book that brings the story to life. A very sweet read though I did feel bad that George was removed from his home on a whim and ends up in a zoo buy the end of this first book. I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series.



I was drawn to this book because of the racial diversity of the books cast.  This is a sweet little look at how hands heal, soothe and bring joy to a family.




A wonderful combination of beautiful art and a sweet narrative. A young boy is intimidated by the sights and sounds of his nana’s home in the city until he is shown the delights city life can hold. Such a sweet read.



A look at the lives and inspirations of two gifted artists. I especially loved learning about how the mother’s of both of these artists were instrumental in their success.


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Remember the silly poems we made up as kids? Hypnotize a Tiger is full of many chuckle worthy poems on a variety of topics. Lots of fun!




I hope you check some of these fine books out! Happy Reading!

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