Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Share 48: Reading Life, Summer Goals

Inbox/ Outbox
I visited a Book Sale at my local YMCA today and got these great books for 50 cents each! I'm going to read them for my 2nd annual  Paperback Summer. Paperback Summer is where I put aside a stack of paperbacks to finish by September 1st .

 Used Book Store

Library Book

Graphic Novels/Comics 
My comic shop had an amazing sale on Saturday so I got these goodies:

I did two readathons last week which lead to me completely clearing out my oldest TBR books! The only unread books I have left are the four above! It feels so good to not have so many unread books.
Here are a list of the books I finished this week:
Northanger Abby
The Martian
Library Wars Volume 13
Rain of the Ghosts
Ready Player One 
Mary Poppins.

Summer Planning
Last year I got two little note books to document my summer activities. Summer seems to go so much faster as an adult, so I wanted a way to remember all my experiences.

Once again I will be using Entertainment weekly's special summer issue as a guide:

Reading Goals
 Now that My TBR pile is under control I want to dive into some great reads from my Scribd app:

Nancy Drew
I haven't read any books from this series so i'm looking forward to reading them for the first time.

R.L. Stine 
I haven't read any of Stine's books either so I put a bunch of them on my app.

Keep a manageable TBR pile

I'm using  a new system that I call the 5's. Tat means I won't have more than 5 library books, Netgalley downloads or purchases  at at time. It's going to take a lot of willpower but I'm up for the challenge!

Binge Watching

I want to catch up on Daredevil, Orange is the new Black, Justice League Animated, Justice League Unlimited, House of Cards, Breaking Bad and many more. 

Marvel Unlimited

I've been reading enough comics every month to make the Marvel Unlimited subscription worth while but I want to clear out the hundred plus comics I have in my library.


I also plan on doing a lot of local entertainment. Legoland, Disneyland, Museums and of course movies! 
So what about you guys ? What are your summer plans?


Bree said...

Hi, I found your blog through the Juneterviews. Your blog header is so pretty. Love the color scheme. Congrats on getting your TBR pile down to 4 books. Isn't it a great feeling? I read all my TBR pile last year after dedicatedly plugging away at it for 3 years. I've since added a few which I want to read by summer. The FIVE goal is awesome. I may steal this idea as I realize I don't like having books piling up except on my Wish List. You must binge watch Orange is the New Black. So good.

Cool idea to use the magazine list to help plan your summer and keeping record of it. Time does go by so fast. I write stuff in my calendar, on my travel blog, on my book blog all for the sake of remembrence. Yours is like the 20th blog I've seen lately using the Scribd app. Guess I should check it out eventually. lol


Thanks for stopping by Bree!