Monday, June 15, 2015

5 Literary Themed Blind Boxes I Wish Existed


Subscription services that contain mystery items grouped around a particular theme,  are steadily on the rise! With companies like Book Riot doing quarterly boxes for Fiction and Young Adult books. There is also Birchbox for makeup and beauty products, and Lootcrate for great geeky items including Tee shirts.
So I started thinking what would be some great monthly Blind Boxes for Readers? Here Are 5 that I wish existed:

Literary Tees
Everyday I see tons of great Reading themed T-shirts like : Read Harder. I like Big Books & I Cannot Lie, Authors Are My Rockstars and many more. How cool would it be to get a mystery shirt every month with a different theme? Especially if they make sure to include female sized shirts.

Tea & Company
Over the years Tea has become an essential part of my reading experience. It would be amazing to get a new tea every month paired with a paperback that captures the mood of the tea. Maybe some classic English novels or poetry.

Literary Mugs
I’m just as obsessed with Tea cups & Mugs as I am with tea itself. I would love to get a fiction themed mug once or twice a year. Either a delectate tea cup with bookish illustrations or a thick mug with quotes from various authors covering it.

Galactic Reads
I really would like to read more Science Fiction. I’m especially drawn to paperback stories. So a quarterly box with a new printing of a classic or contemporary  Sci-Fy book with other space themed goodies would be very well received.

Author Reads
I love scrolling through twitter to see what my favorite authors are reading. So a service that sent you books beloved by your favorite authors would be awesome!

So what do you guys think? What kind of Blind boxes would you like to receive?


Bianca POFL said...

Love the t-shirt and mug idea. Too bad subscription boxes are pretty spendy :(

Natalie A said...

I love the Literary Tees box idea! Cool t-shirt are usually so expensive, and sub boxes usually cut you a good deal!

Bree said...

Tea, mugs and author books, please. Great ideas.

Anonymous said...

I love literary tees. These are all really great. It looks like you have a business to start. :)