Saturday, June 20, 2015

By The List : My Summer Reading List

Happy Summer! One of my favorite pleasures of my school years, was the Summer Reading lists my teacher would give us on the last day of school. Those five stapled pages opened up a world of reading for me. to this day the most pleasurable parts of  summer is reading.

My Summer Reading  Musts

A Creepy Read

That combination of reading something chilling while sitting safely in the summer sun is a pleasure not to be missed. This summer I will be reading some of these chilling reads:


What is summer without a good summer romance to while away the day?

Here are some romances I will be reading:

A New Series
I enjoy starting a new series at the start of summer and see how many I can finish. This summer I'm starting this series:
I also will be reading Dune with the #Nerdistbookclub and doing a Scavenger hunt with the Coyer group:
So what about you guys? what are your summer reading plans?


Angelica Joy said...

I can't seem to comment on your GoodReads review of Abelard :(

Vasilly said...

You always find so many interesting things to read! Happy Summer Reading!