Saturday, July 25, 2015

DC Classics: Great story Arc’s For New Readers

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Graphic Novels have really become accessible to a variety of readers through Libraries, Amazon, Scribd and Netgalley. The hard part is deciding where to start. Here are some classic DC comics story arc’s I’ve revisited lately that are perfect for new readers:
The New Teen Titans
The Titan’s were one of the most popular superhero teams in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Perez & Wolfman were a dream team that elevated both the artistic and narrative direction of the series. Terra Incognito works very well as an entry level read because new readers are able to learn about the Titan’s history through her eyes as well as experiencing a classic plot twist that will have you wanting the next volume in the series immediately.
JLA Earth 2


If I were to make a list of must read list of Comic writers, Grant Morrison would be at the top of it. JLA Earth 2 is a perfect self contained story with exceptional art by Frank Quitely. In this story the Justice League meet their counterparts from another dimension and they aren’t so friendly. Earth 2’s JLA are dictators on their planet. The only person with enough courage to stand up to them is Lex Luthor!   Lex finds a way to break the dimensional barriers and tries to convince out Earth’s JLA that  he is a good guy. Really loved this book! 
Batman International

This is a nice little volume that showcases the versatility of Batman & Bruce Wayne in various situations and Countries. The First story arc : Scottish Connection written by Alan Grant and illustrated by by Frank Quitely shows Bruce Wayne getting in touch with his Scottish relatives and discovering a centuries old feud has found fresh blood.
  Dragons Knight
A great tale set in Barcelona with the awesome villain Killer Croc!
Tao touches on the people in the return of a teacher and a rival of Bruce’s from his martial arts training. Everything about this story evokes Eastern themes.

Hope you give one or all of these books a try. Happy Reading!

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