Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Diversity Spotlight : M.F. K Chapter One



I discovered this series in February when Nilah was the recipient of the first Dwayne McDuffie award for Diversity. I got to meet Nilah at Wondercon last month and purchased this issue. It’s a pleasure to read a new series when you have no knowledge about it. Nilah’s gorgeous art creates an absorbing experience for the reader in this first chapter. The reader is introduced to a young boy named Jamie who discovers a young woman in the midst of a sandstorm. He brings Abbie back to his aunt, a gifted healer.
The remainder of this chapter gives us glimpses of Abbie’s past and a sense that she is holding secrets. It is only at the end of the chapter when Abbie watches a Parapsi (an individual with extraordinary strength) , threaten the villager for food and goods, that we get a sense of who  Abbie is and wonder what if anything she will do to help those around her.

An intriguing start to to a story I’m excited to follow.
The entire series is available for free Here

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