Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Tea Diaries: 2 The Republic Of Tea : Tea 101


Isn’t that a lovely picture above? Tea has a wonderful way of moving through the seasons with us. As we move into Spring & Summer I find myself drawn more towards citrus and fruity teas. I also find myself drinking hot tea in the morning only and trying a variety of iced teas the rest of the day.

Just when I was looking for some more variety in my tea drinking routines, I got an email form Republic of Tea inviting me to sign up for their Tea 101 series. You can find the full series of articles on the Republic of tea website in the link above.
I’ve really learned a lot in the past few days from the emails. One of the things I’ve been really lapse in is brewing teas at the optimum temperatures. There is a handy chart that details the various temperatures in the second part of the series. I also really enjoyed the information of Fruit teas. So be sure to check out this great informational series of articles.

What I’m Drinking


A Book & A cup

I’ve been reading these books with my daily tea:

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Happy Reading & Drinking!

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Bree said...

the tea picture is lovely. Lately I have had a weak spot for lemon hot tea. I am a definite tea addict. Can and do drink hot tea all day long regardless of weather.