Saturday, August 1, 2015

Batman: Bruce Wayne Murder? by Various


I’m constantly finding graphic novels from the “dark” time of my fandom life. The years when I didn’t read comics. This 400 plus page omnibus deals with Bruce Wayne being arrested for murder when an ex-girlfriend is found dead in Bruce’s house. Bruce allows himself to be arrested, and then withdraws from the help the bat family is offering.
This GN is full of little individual stories that are parallel Bruce’s experiences. Robin, Nightwing, Oracle Spoiler and more are hunting down clues to prove Bruce’s innocence but all they come up with is more evidence of his possible guilt.

There are a few threads that don’t really get fleshed out in this first half of the story. The action does rev up during the second half of the story when Bruce escapes from prison and decides he isn’t going to clear Bruce’s name. He states that Bruce Wayne no longer exists.

This book does end on quote a cliff hanger so be prepared to hunt down the second GN in the series: Bruce Wayne Fugitive

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